How to Figure Out Which Job Titles Align With My Background + CyberMonday Savings!

I had a client email me with, “I wanted to get your advice on the job titles or types of jobs I should look and apply for. I ask because you might suggest something I didn’t think of. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend my man!”

This got my wheels turning. I thought, sounds so familiar these days with not just this single instance, but many clients and even non-clients seeking advice have asked me.

Let’s face it, companies do not make it easy. Some even create their own proprietary titles like Cast Member (I’m looking at you, Disney, and your “magic” ratings!)

To keep up, you must monitor your career trajectory and ensure you’re meeting the all-important milestones one should be hitting if they want to move on up the ladder and make more moola.

Take ownership of the process. Know your profession. Know your industry. Know your world, you do have to live in it, after all, might as well work to be great at it.

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As always, be safe and take care of each other, friends.

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