How to Make Your Resume Stand Out As a College Graduate or Young Professional

How to land your dream job straight out of college and how to make your resume stand out as a young professional? How to land your dream job straight out of college? Finding a job no matter your experience level comes down to utilizing online job boards like Indeed or applying through the online career portals of the companies, or utilizing your network and the good ole’ fashioned “who do you know” avenues to secure new employment. The key specifically for early career collegiate graduates searching for their opportunities is to be flexible and to not set the bar so high. This is your first job we’re talking about. Not everyone is going to land that dream video game design job right away out of school. Especially if the companies cannot afford to train newcomers. They may just want to find a candidate with a few years of experience so training is not as extensive. Do not let this bog you down. Networking online and utilizing free resources like local career coaches, collegiate career centers, recruiters and government-sponsored career resource centers. Get your name out there in your targeted area, because you never know who might pass your information along to someone hiring. Remember, work hard no matter the role and continually pursue your dream job while picking up skills and credentials along the way.

How to make your resume stand out as a young professional? The key to stand out amongst the entry level competition is to ensure you set the tone in the first top half of the resume with what you want and what you offer, any key buzzwords that speak to your abilities to transition into those new roles seamlessly, and any transferable skills and accomplishments that directly relate to this new role. Make sure to not write your experience as task-based, but rather quantifiable and bottom-line driven. This will make sure you are letting the employers know that you are concerned with what they are concerned with — either making them money or saving them money.

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