How to Prepare for An Upcoming Interview?

So you have an interview! Finally! All the hard work of digging for jobs, matching your skills with descriptions, and writing up cover letters has come full circle. You’re finally going to meet the hiring manager. Don’t freak out, but now what?

Well first, don’t freak out. IT WILL COME ACROSS DURING THE INTERVIEW IF YOU ARE NERVOUS. The key is confidence. Keep cool and know your resume inside and out and you’ll do just fine. But there’s more right? Oh yeah.

Next, research. Find out all you can about the company, about it’s current events (Google news search), a little about why the position might be open when related to the overall scheme of things, what are current or former employees saying about the organization (figuring out the culture), and as much as you can about the job you’re interviewing for. It’s important to come fully loaded with knowledge to be able to talk the talk so to speak. I mean what’s confidence anyways? Knowing exactly what’s going on the whole time. Knowing how to speak about anything at any point during the interview. Not tripping yourself up. Well if you have all the knowledge you can get, then those little anxieties that creep up shouldn’t last long. But remember, don’t ramble either! It’s a fine line.

Okay, so now what about the unknown part of the interview? The random line of questions that the hiring manager spits out in rapid fire. Easy. Get really, really familiar with the job description and how you fit it. Also know some spots from your resume that direct relate to the opening. The more excited and verbiage you’re ready to spit back, the easier on your brain during the interview. However, that rambling thing, so watch that fine line.

What else do you do to prepare? Well show up a little early so you can get squared away. Nothing like being late and rushed. Don’t overdo the coffee that morning. Coffee can bring out those nerves. And, practice some answers, but don’t be a robot. It’s good to be able to speak to the “common” questions typical hiring managers always ask (“where do you see yourself in 5 years?” “why did you leave your last job?” or “do you have any questions for me?”

Ah, the final questions. Please, for the love of God, always ALWAYS always ask some final questions. Even if you’re good! And save the “benefits” questions for the next round. Never ask about benefits on the first date.

Good luck out there. Remember, your resume gets you the interview. The interview gets you the job. So go in there knowing all the hard work’s been done. Now’s the easy part. You know you can be an asset for the organization, so show them that and the rest will follow.

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