How to Update Your LinkedIn Headline and About Me Sections – Live Jobsticker’s Jobseeker Resource Show on Facebook (Episode 10)

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How to Update Your LinkedIn Headline and About Me Sections – Live Jobsticker’s Jobseeker Resource Show on Facebook (Episode 10)

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On today’s episode of Facebook Live (every Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST), I discuss how to improve the 2 biggest sections as far as visibility go on your LinkedIn profile —

Your Headline.

Your About Me section.

When commenting on someone’s post, there’s your headline.

When they click over to your profile, there’s your headline, and then, there’s your About Me section.

When I recruiters, I’ll be honest, I went right to the Experience sections.

But just as important as what achievements you’ve collected during your tenure, the first things people see should be recognized for how important they are.

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