It is MJW Careers’ style to use a Qualifications Summary, rather than an Objective Statement to introduce the résumé. Qualifications Summaries provide a short introduction of who the client is and what they have to offer, while an Objective Statement states what the client wants from the employer.

Open the résumé with a concise, three-to-four sentence paragraph (or bulleted list) that creatively showcases the recipient’s skills and experience, and more importantly, how closely their skills and experience match the employer’s unique needs. Obviously, employers have different requirements, so we recommend the recipients take the extra effort to tailor this section each time they send out a résumé.

Ask yourself about your current resume. Does the QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY section”
– Mention the job search objective in a succinct manner? (General statements have little meaning and are likely ignored by the résumé-swamped reader.)
– Incorporate specific requirements and key words / phrases mentioned in the employer’s job search ad?
– Clearly, confidently, and concisely highlight the recipient’s skills?
– List the recipient’s computer skills? (If relevant to their job search)


Dependable, conscientious Registered Nurse with 10 years experience providing safe, nurturing care for neonate patients in the ICU. Maintain calm demeanor in stressful situations, adapting to changing demands, making quick decisions, and responding in an appropriate way. Efficient time manager who successfully completes tasks. Excellent interpersonal communication skills to interact effectively with co-workers, doctors, and parents.

Self-motivated Office Professional with strong written and verbal communication abilities. Friendly and organized; quickly learns new skills. Possess knowledge of medical billing / coding and several computer software programs, including Quicken and Microsoft Word, Publisher, Scheduler+, Outlook, and Excel.

Marketing Manager with a 14-year history of exceeding goals and helping corporations move to a higher level of success. Skillfully orchestrates the design and rollout of highly effective marketing plans and direct mail and media campaigns, leading to exceptional volume growth despite saturated market conditions. Energetic, results-focused, and team-oriented.  Proficient in Photoshop, Quark Xpress, and Microsoft Office applications.

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