HR Manager: Do You Care About Your Redundant Employees?

Here is a LinkedIn recommendation I authored for a client of mine. He is an HR Manager who truly does care about his employees, even during a layoff.

Tod hired our outplacement organization to aid in a transition. I have worked with Tod in 2 previous instances so I have come to know and understand Tod as a colleague.

He is a tremendous influence on his organization. He truly feels the impact of a redundancy and taps his senior leadership team to scrutinize all options available. Tod reiterates his predilection to the authority until executing a plan for his employees employing the limited resources that come with any transition.

The thing I enjoy about Tod is that he pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests while also including his 18+ years of HR experience in your overall strategic planning process. In other words, he doesn’t just ask our organization to “do something.” Tod looks to us for expertise and ties it in with his own supposition, in which he concluded from consulting with his prominent network of HR associates. Tod truly is a partner in these troubling scenarios and not many HR Managers can vouch the same.

Tod is friendly, has a high amount of integrity and caring, listens well, and is a great teacher to me as an HR partner.

Together, we managed to achieve faster turnaround times for the affected workforce, because Tod utilized his network. Specifically Tod would share the employee’s resume directly with hiring manager. That’s the kind of guy Tod is and will always continue to be going forward.

Make sure you’re doing the right things within your budget, HR Manager! Help these employees out! Some have dedicated years of service!

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