Is The Coronavirus Quarantine A Good Time To Update My Resume?

A lot of individuals right now are wondering if quarantine is the right time to update their resumes in hopes to stay ahead of the competition and shorten the job interview request lead times.

The short answer — YES! But you may already be too late. Wait, it’s never too late, but you know, like, um, go and like DO IT NOW! Start working on developing your resume by using these three tips.

So why update your resume? It’s an amazingly simple concept, but my first answer is pragmatism. It’s logical to revamp, redo, reimagine, re-whatever during a downtime, or a “Great Pause.” Your competition is already updating his or her resume throughout the year, so not only are you already behind, but you need to play catch-up now. Opportunities are out there, people are always hiring no matter the circumstance. I’ve been through downsizes during war-time and financial meltdowns just as much as on hiring sprees during large transitions. So play the game, get your resume updated (and updated correctly – reach out if you would like to speak about how we can help you) and implement the correct strategies to get that resume in front of the decision-makers.

Always is a good time to go on a job search. Never settle. If you want more, go for it. A global pandemic, or any major shift, is always a good time to do some self-reflection. Think about what you want to do and where you want to go and then game plan and visualize how to get there. Sometimes it can take 6 months to get hired at a new job, so get going immediately, even if you chip at your job transition day by day.

This may help get you started.

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