Listing Education, Training, and Affiliations On Your Resume

As in all aspects of résumé development, when detailing the educational history, attempt to accentuate the positive and downplay the not-so-positive. This may involve omitting graduation dates (if the education dates back 10 or more years, generally), emphasizing a degree minor that relates more closely to the current job objective than what the recipient actually majored in, mentioning only the training they have completed that is relevant to the current job search, etc”

Does the EDUCATION / TRAINING section”
– List the educational history in reverse chronological order?
– Include the GPA if they earned a 3.8 or above? (But only if recent” If the education dates back five years or more, include only basic information.)
– List the city / state of the university or college? (In the case of training sessions, always include the course name and the name of the company that sponsored or delivered the training.)
– Include only relevant information that the average reader would find interesting or compelling? (It’s best to leave out the background information, such as the fact that you worked your way through college or financed your own education.)
– Spell out the actual name of the degree, such as “Bachelor of Science” instead of “Bachelor’s Degree”?

Detail professional affiliations by order of importance or in reverse chronological order in a bulleted manner placed after the Education / Training section.

– Include important details related to the recipient’s membership, such as leadership roles held? (Chairperson, Board of Directors, etc.)
– Display information in a consistent manner? (It’s not necessary to include the year(s) in which they were a member of a particular organization; however, if dates are left off one Affiliation, they must be omitted from all. Be consistent!)

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