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Are you one of these 3 types of employees?
1. An up-and-comer, go-getter in their mid-30s-to-early 40s, and not necessarily in a career transition, but want to learn how to optimize what they have in terms of knowledge, skills, and abilities. I’m teaching things you can’t find on Google.
2. A 40-50-year-old ambitious leader or executive still on a strong growth track for succession.
3. A 50-60-year-old accomplished leader or executive who may have just got the rug pulled out from their career and needs to recalibrate.

If so, are you feeling one of these pains?

Building Relationships With Key Stakeholders: Professionals face the challenge of building trust and meaningful connections quickly with stakeholders during onboarding. They seek guidance on how to show up thoughtfully and intentionally to become effective faster.

Improving Influence Skills: Professionals, especially in remote work settings, need to improve their influence to make decisions and drive change within and across organizational boundaries. They seek coaching on effective influence strategies.

Finding Mental Space And Slowing Down: Professionals struggle with the overwhelming demands of meetings and communication channels. They want to slow down and create mental space for productive work.

Communicating Through Active Listening: Professionals need to improve active listening, empathy, and client-focused communication. This is crucial in situations where trust-building conversations are limited or rely on digital channels. We also focus on effective communication within hybrid environments and with tech-reliant employees.

Navigating A Virtual Landscape: Professionals grapple with leading overwhelmed teams across global time zones, lack of calendar control, and maintaining work-life balance in a virtual world.

Focusing On Long-Term Value: Professionals seek guidance on nurturing authentic connections, fostering loyalty, and emphasizing long-term value over quick gains.

Following Through On Goals: Professionals struggle with maintaining consistency and motivation to achieve their goals. They need support to stay on track.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Professionals often doubt their abilities and struggle with self-view and possible imposter syndrome. Coaching involves using evidence, peer support, and mentorship to recalibrate their perspective.

Worrying About ‘Being Cut Out’ For Corporate Careers: Many Professionals face exhaustion and burnout from pandemic-related challenges. Balancing work flexibility and non-inclusive office environments adds to their stress.

Managing Intentional Transitions: Professionals seek clarity on their values and intentional alignment as they heal from economic uncertainty, DEI challenges, and remote work experiences.

Delineating Clear Boundaries: Struggling to set boundaries between professional and personal lives leads to burnout. Structured routines and clear work hours help combat this and achieve work-life balance, for both on-site and remote Professionals.

Establishing Personal Leadership Visions And Strategies: Professionals need to define their purpose, mindset, and accountability for results. Personal leadership visions and strategies guide their growth.

Being Afraid Of Falling Short: Overcommitment and the fear of not meeting expectations due to societal norms leads to stress. Focusing on true contentment and impact is essential.

Understanding Who You Are And What You Want: Clients benefit from understanding themselves and their career choices. Aligning with their true desires motivates them to pursue meaningful opportunities.

Balancing Empathy With Accountability: Market volatility prompts Professionals to balance empathy with accountability. Goals must be met for a thriving company.

Bridging The Gap From Employee To Entrepreneur: Job candidates struggle with packaging, positioning, and selling their skills and expertise to create a salable business offering. They need guidance on transforming their talents into a full-time business.

Did you also know that I am a LEADERSHIP COACH and EMPLOYEE CAREER DEVELOPMENT COACH focusing on leadership development? According to Gallup, the cost of replacing an employee can be up to 200% of his or her annual salary, not to mention the loss of productivity, institutional knowledge, and impact on morale and company culture when an employee leaves. But here’s the catch: it’s not always about pay or poor management—it’s often the lack of opportunities for career advancement that drives talent away.

Leadership coaching and employee career development can be a game-changer for individuals stepping into succession planning or leadership roles. Here’s why…

1. Skills Enhancement – Leadership doesn’t always come naturally, and stepping into a leadership position without guidance can be daunting. Coaching equips you with the skills necessary to be an effective leader. Whether it’s communication, decision-making, or team management, I can help you thrive in your role.

2. Personalized Approach – As your coach, I’ll help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. We’ll tailor strategies to your unique leadership style, ensuring you lead with confidence and impact.

3. Empathy and Connection – A strong relationship between leaders and their teams is crucial. I’ll guide you in empathizing with your employees’ needs, helping you create a positive work culture.

4. Maximizing Potential – For executives, a career coach provides valuable feedback on high-stakes decisions that impact the entire organization. Let’s maximize your leadership potential together.

5. Heightened Self-Awareness – Coaching fosters self-reflection and self-awareness, leading to better decision-making and improved performance.

We connect employees with learning programs directly related to in-demand career tracks at their organizations, offering a structured approach to skill development. It’s imperative to focus on up-skilling and internal mobility, and recognize the shifting job expectations accelerated by generative AI. You have to keep up!

Leadership & Career Coaching Package

Would you be open to a quick introductory chat to explore how we can work together to improve employee morale, productivity, and retention?

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