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🚀 I had the awesome opportunity to speak with Mher on his weekly The Hiring Show Webcast a few months ago!

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From the post:

4 Tips for Resume
Below are 4 tips for resume writing:
1. Customize your resume to each application
2. Formatting
3. Write your accomplishment
4. Include keywords

Job Search Trends in 2022
There are 3 things to be aware of:
1. Career changers are things to figure which they want
2. Entrepreneurship is growing
3. How to put action-plan to make where you want to go a reality

Transferable skills are important and hiring managers are understanding the importance of candidate experience.

5 Networking Tips
1. Track how you meet
2. Follow-up
3. …….. (what the video)
4. Attend local events
5. Be professional

How To Start Your Personal Brand On Social?
There are few things that you can do to start your personal brand:
Be specific
Be consistent
You don’t have to be at all on all platforms from the beginning
Find your sandbox and your voice

How to Start Content Creation On Social?
Below are some things that you can start your content creation:
Get inspiration from others and make your own
Make and find your own inches
Share thoughts and share trends
Have a schedule and track
Wiring will take time and also ask help if you grow
Start small and then you will grow


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