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What I am about to say is not new, but we read this all the time: where previously we would change jobs or companies 3 times in our lives, we now change careers 3 times in our lives. Question 1: what does your experience tell you, is this true? And question 2: without getting into the technical details, how do you think career starters or those doing a career transition can mentally prepare for this contemporary job market?

Another area that we’d love to have a piece of your wisdom on is around the mindset of self-empowerment. We’ve all experienced moments in which we’ve felt like the helpless victims of unyielding job market forces that won’t allow us to have our dream careers. How do you talk to your clients about this, and what are the most common causes for people to feel like this? Is it our CVs not being up to snuff, us barking up the wrong tree? Off you go!

In our last episode, we spoke to our guest Carson about how essential it is to know who you are, what you’re good at, what you want to be good at, and where you want your career to take you. More specifically, we determined that your current job is actually a brilliant place to develop this insight, and possibly even keep it. Yet at times, we have done all the soul searching, and we just know we have to get out. When that moment comes and the end is inevitable, what would you recommend our listeners do first, what’s step 1?

When we chatted last week, you had this brilliant notion of “Spraying and Praying”, the idea of just shooting applications everywhere and hoping for the best. Do elaborate on that idea a wee bit, what drives this behavior in people? And, more critically as we love to be practical here on the show, what can we all do to get really oriented about where we want to be and actually CAN be given the experience and skills that we have?

Right, so we have more or less gotten over the shock of leaving a job, and have a general plan as to who we are and where we want to be. Let’s get practical: we know the active levers of getting a new job: applying, networking etc. But before we do, we must ensure our backbone is strong in case someone decides to look us up (ideally unsolicited, because who doesn’t love just having a job handed to them!). Give us some pointers, where and how should we show up if someone googles our name?

When we launched the show, our obvious first month was focused on recruitment! And it’s about time that we shed some more light on this mercurial craft. From your box of experiences Matt: what do recruiters look for when they look at candidate profiles (resumé, LinkedIn, Google) and what are some of the most common and easily avoidable pitfalls when it comes to resumé writing?

Here is an area most of us know we have to do before pinging applications around, but the fewest of us take seriously or even know how to do properly: research. It is essential that our applications are tailored to the job we apply for (aka have keywords from the job posting to beat the robots). But we believe that all of us have to do more, dive deeper, to not only assess if we have a chance at getting the job but also to ensure that the job and company are even right for us. Million-dollar question Matt: how does one structure this research, where does one begin, what does one look for, and (2 million dollar question): why?

Indeed! As promised at the beginning, Matt: What are the top 3 tips anybody can and should start implementing straight after listening to this episode to get to where they want to be in their career?

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Incredible. Matt Warzel in the house everybody. Resumé guru, application process detective, career maker extraordinaire. In our last episode on the HIGHER! Career Podcast, we spoke with Carson Tate about how to take the power back and keep your job. With Matt, we are exploring this dangerous and scary terrain we enter once we’ve determined that it actually is time to leave your job.

If you are finding this episode valuable and love what Matt has to say, hit him up and he will help you grow wings and fly.

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