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Please check out this fantastic article by LinkedIn as part of their new Get Ahead by LinkedIn News Job Search & Careers editorials from Brandi Fowler with our president, Matt Warzel, as a contributor – How to Thrive in an Open Office Environment

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How to Thrive in an Open Office Environment

“Open office environments are best for employees who prefer to be part of a big, friendly team but who still need some privacy,” said career coach and resume writer Matt Warzel. “This style of office allows for more collaboration between co-workers and also more private space for individual work. The open-office environment is one of the most prolific office layouts on the market today.”

But open office layouts have pros and cons like a typical office structure.

“While it has its advantages, such as allowing audio and visual collaboration, this layout also comes with certain disadvantages: a lack of privacy, limited space and office equipment, lack of sound control, non-private phone calls, lack of power outlets and social isolation,” Warzel said.

Evaluate How You Work Best When Determining How to Thrive in an Open Office Environment

The effects of working in an open office environment vary by individual. It can encourage people to go above and beyond, encourage collaboration, and foster creativity, Warzel said.

“[Or] employees that prefer quiet working space may feel uncomfortable in an open office environment,”  Warzel said.

Set Boundaries in an Open Office Environment 

Be conscious of your surroundings. And respect others’ work schedules and limits, Warzel said.

“Respect privacy by knocking before entering someone’s office or cubicle, or calling ahead if you need something from another employee,” Warzel said. “If people engage in conversation with you when they are supposed to be working, switch their focus back to the task at hand by asking, ‘Are you working on that now?’ to set boundaries with co-workers in an open office environment.”

Also, remember why you need boundaries at work to be more effective at setting them.

“Setting boundaries is not about you or making yourself feel better,” Warzel said. “It is about creating an environment that allows you to be productive and happy – not only for yourself but for your co-workers as well. Once you understand the benefits of boundaries, communicating them becomes easier.”

How to Be More Productive in Open Office Environments

Diversions can abound in open office environments, so keep tabs on your productivity and resolve anything that shifts it.

“When working in an open office environment, it’s important to maintain focus,” Warzel said. “Maintain a consistent schedule for your day and do not let distractions get in the way of your goals. Try to keep noise levels low so you can stay on task. Focus on one thing at a time and don’t multi-task.”

“Another way to maintain your focus in an open office environment is by being gentle with yourself. Don’t get frustrated and angry, but don’t try to work harder than you need to either. Look at what you have done so far, and do a little self-evaluation before you begin a new task. ‘Is this something that I need to do?’ If so, do it now and move on.”

Meanwhile, Warzel suggested separating personal communication from work communication to help.

“For example, if you are on a call with a co-worker who needs clarification on an issue, ask them to email or send a follow-up text,” Warzel said. “That will ensure both parties are focused on the task at hand and not distracted by other conversations happening around them.”

Working in an open-office environment can be an adjustment, but going into it with a plan helps. Do a self-assessment to determine how to work best in an open layout, set boundaries with your co-worker,  and do what you can to prevent distractions to increase productivity.

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