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For the past few months, the issue of mass layoffs has become increasingly widespread. There are indications that more people will be laid off during 2023. As reported by, which tracks job cuts, last year tech companies collectively laid off 160,997 employees. The highest layoff rate was in January 2023 with about 84,400 employees losing their jobs.

Experts warn that the trend of mass layoffs is likely to continue as businesses seek to adapt to the changing landscape of the global economy. Some argue that there are still new job opportunities emerging in the areas of cybersecurity and data analytics.

PissedConsumer interviewed experts in economics, law, tech, career, and employment to get a different perspective on layoffs and their impacts.

My input:

β€œLayoffs are a common response to economic downturns or changes in market demand…,” saysΒ Matthew Warzel, a certified resume writing expert withΒ MJW Careers. β€œThe COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on employment, with many businesses struggling to stay afloat and reduce costs. While some industries and companies have started to recover, others continue to face uncertainty, which may result in additional layoffs in the future.”

Matthew WarzelΒ expresses a similar opinion and also adds that β€œIn cases where jobs are being replaced by machines or automation, it may be necessary for workers to acquire new skills or transition to new roles or industries.”

β€œIt is possible that we may see a surge in job seekers as a result of recent mass layoffs, especially in industries that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Matthew Warzel. β€œHowever, it is difficult to predict the exact impact on the job market, as it will depend on how quickly the economy can recover and how many new jobs are created in the coming months and years.”

When it comes to companies, Matthew Warzel says layoffs β€œhave a negative impact on employee morale and engagement, which can make it more challenging to retain existing talent and create a positive workplace culture.”

Warzel adds that for employees β€œlayoffs can also have a psychological impact, leading to feelings of uncertainty or anxiety about the future.” However, he also points out that β€œWith the right mindset and approach, workers can use the experience of a layoff to take stock of their skills and interests and make strategic decisions about their careers.”

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