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Stepping into your first post-college job is such an exciting time. It’s what you’ve dreamed aboutβ€”and studied and planned for. But, it can also be an emotional time that’s full of uncertainty, and you’ll likely encounter challenges that you haven’t even thought of.

To help you find success in your first job after college, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best tips fromΒ  a handful of career-building thought leaders, each of whom are considered experts in their respective fields and have years of experience developing skills across multiple disciplines.

My Take?

Your first job after college graduation is a learning experience that will ultimately let youΒ grow your skill setsΒ and climb the career ladder, says Matthew Warzel, president ofΒ MJW Careers.

β€œOverall, there are many important lessons you can learn in your first job after college that will be valuable throughout your career,” he adds. β€œBy focusing onΒ building relationships,Β honing your skillsΒ and embracing a growth mindset, you can set yourself up for long-term success.”

Show that you’re always open to learning! Embracing a growth mindsetΒ not only helps you acquire new skills, but it also makes you stand out and keeps you competitive, Warzel added. Think about taking online courses viaΒ MasterClassΒ orΒ SkillShare, join the local chapter of the trade association in your field and find out if they offer any educational opportunities, and look for certifications related to your job that will amplify your skills.

Keep networking! Your first job post-college is a fantastic opportunity to build professional relationships and networkΒ with people in your industry, Warzel says. It’s important to foster these connections in every role you have going forward.

β€œIt’s important to make connections and build relationships with colleagues, clients and other professionals in your field. This can help you learn about job openings, career opportunities and other valuable information that can help you advance your career.”

Attend conferences related to your job or field, join local networking groups, follow others in your industry on LinkedIn, and participate in your college or university’s alumni organization.

Showcase your social side! StrongΒ communication skillsβ€”both during the workday and while hanging out in the break roomβ€”are essential for your career success, Warzel says. β€œLearning to communicate effectively and professionally can help you build stronger relationships and advance your career.”

Step out of your comfort zone. Your first job may not be what you’ve always expected. You’ll likely need to pivot to adapt to challenges that come up along the way.

β€œLearning toΒ be adaptable and flexibleΒ can help you navigate unexpected changes and challenges in your career,” Warzel says.

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