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While AI resume screening tools can help filter candidates and spot keywords, they lack nuanced human judgment. And with that, many qualified candidates can be unfairly screened out if their resumes don’t fit certain (very narrow) parameters. AI tools cannot reliably assess soft skills, cultural fit, potential, or intangibles that come across in an interview. We still need humans!? Who thought?!?

Algorithms also risk building unconscious biases that can create disadvantages for minorities and those from non-traditional backgrounds. As helpful as AI can be in creating efficiency, human oversight, and judgment are still crucial in resume screening and hiring to ensure a fair and ethical process.

For now, stick to the professional writers.

My input:

AI muffles an applicant’s communication capabilities, the report concludes. AI-generated resumes fail to convey a candidate’s nuanced communication skills. Resumes are a candidate’s first opportunity to demonstrate their ability to communicate well. For that reason, AI-generated content may be too generic to capture the nuances of their unique style. Employers look for clarity, personality and the ability to present ideas conciselyβ€”qualities that may be muted or absent in AI-generated resumes. β€œWhileΒ AI-generated resumes can be efficient in initial screenings, they don’t always capture the candidate’s full essence,” according to Matthew Warzel, president ofΒ MJW Careers, β€œAI may not fully capture the candidate’s personality or the nuances of their career journey. Traditional resumes, on the other hand, tend to offer a more holistic view, including their communication style and personal touch.”

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