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A job search can feel like a personal pursuit, but it’s not. It’s a professional search. It can be hard to keep that in mind when a room full of people is launching questions at you to decide whether or not you may fit on their team and at their college.

No matter how secure you normally feel in yourself, the rigors of the job search can take a toll if you don’t have a good self-care strategy. Here’s what you need to know to gear up for your search.

My take:

Detach Yourself from the Outcome

“The prolonged nature of the job search, with its highs and lows, can create an emotional rollercoaster that tests our resilience… While the pursuit of a job is driven by its outcome, the journey’s emotional toll necessitates a conscious effort to detach from the final result and instead embrace it as a profound learning experience, fostering self-awareness and personal growth,” explains Matthew Warzel, career coach and president ofย MJW Careers.

Create Systems that Serve You

Warzel emphasizes the importance of building a strong support network to emotionally fuel your search. “Sharing your experiences, challenges, and triumphs with friends, family, mentors, or even fellow job seekers can provide a vital outlet for expressing your feelings and gaining perspective,” he points out. “Engaging with others who understand the complexities of the process can offer reassurance and remind you that you’re not alone in your journey. Their insights and encouragement can provide a much-needed boost during moments of self-doubt or disappointment.”

You Are Not Your Job Search

“Embracing this journey as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery can be transformative,” Warzel explains. “Practicing self-compassion, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation can all contribute to a more positive outlook during this challenging period.”

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