Money-Saving Tips For Jobseekers During the COVID-19 Coronavirus

Today’s expertise relates to money-saving ideas relating to our industry of resume writing. At a time like this, I want to try to post as much content to help all the jobseekers out there and try to make this search as efficient as possible. It’s important to remember to stay vigilant, mindful and safe. Do not lose your confidence in your abilities as a professional. Know this is hard for everyone trying to wrap their heads around it, so if your search seems slower, or you’ve been recently downsized, it’s important to know it’s not your fault. Be positive, focused on your calendar each day, continue to read up on your role and industry’s happenings, and possibly try to complete some online continuing education (lots of free ones out there right now). And continue your job hunt each day, whether networking or searching job boards.

Typically a jobseeker will incur costs relating to the pre-interview job search process (printing resumes, hiring a resume writer, interview training, career coaching, job search board memberships, website premium options), interview travel (gas, parking, third party transportation), and interview appearance (clothes, always dress one up from the regular clothes you’d wear in the role you’re interviewing for).

My advice is to make sure you have a solid resume, it’s your calling card and quick snapshot of who you are, so it’s important. We can help out if you have a budget allotted, but if not, make sure to do whatever it takes to ensure you are displaying your accomplishments, skills and overall message as competitively as possible. If the hiring manager isn’t crinkling their forehead, you’ve done your work, now it’s just whether you’re a job match (or sometimes cultural fit) or not.

Print your resume on 2 sides of paper for the interview, it’s fine if it’s collated. Research to find out where the interview is and if it’s worth driving, taking public transportation or rideshare, or calling a friend to help out at least for one way (or call two friends, one for each way). If you’re in downtown NYC, it’s expensive to park if you even find a spot. If you’re driving 45 minutes and there’s a bus route or train/subway, you could consider those options. Either way, it’s hard to swallow a $25 parking garage ticket if you could’ve been a little more detail-oriented prior to the interview.

You do not need to purchase a fancy suit. You can find great options at retailers like TJ Maxx, Kohls and Target for both men and women. Be professional, but thrifty.

Finally, be mindful that these expenses are for a job search, and in times like these, a lot of companies are really doing their best to help…try to find any that can be beneficial on your job hunt, maybe free printing at the library, BOGO clothes sales, negotiating service costs, or finding promotion codes for services. Remember to try to stick to your budget.

I understand right now that it’s almost impossible to have any in-person interviews, so a lot of this will apply once things are back to normal. With that said, I want to express our deep condolences to all the families affected by this virus, and wish everyone the best of times on the other side. We’re all in this together. Please reach out if I can help.

Matthew Warzel
President, MJW Careers

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