Moving From Education to a Corporate Gig? Here’s How to Make the Transition

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While working in education is a very noble career choice, sometimes a teacher wants to try something new and transition to the corporate world. The idea of changing over can be jarring at first, but the skills that you used as a teacher can work just as easily outside of the classroom. Here at MJW Careers, we love to help people find the perfect job for their talents, so we have some tips for how to set yourself up for success when transitioning from the world of education to a corporate gig.

Your Skills Are More Important Than You Realize

Before you take any big steps, it is important that you realize that while you will undoubtedly need to learn new skills that are specific to the new job that you find, some of the skills that you have as a teacher will help you in the corporate world.

For starters, as an educator, you need to have strong problem-solving skills as you teach unique subjects to students of different learning levels. In the corporate world, the ability to solve problems is what helps employees reach the next level of their careers. If you plan to find a job as a manager then problem-solving is the skill that will help you out the most.

Also, when you are a teacher, you are very good at communicating with your students. The only difference in the corporate world is that you are communicating with adults in the form of coworkers, business partners, and investors. How about your ability to work under pressure? There is a lot of pressure for teachers to help their students reach their goals, and in the corporate world, you need to do the same thing for your customers.

Modifying Your Resume for the Corporate World

Once you are ready to start applying to jobs, you will want to take some time to polish your resume and modify it so that corporate headhunters will take notice. The easiest way to go is to find a particular job or field that you are interested in and then try to modify your resume to that specific area. So, if you are thinking of moving into a finance field and you were formally a math teacher, then you could mention how your understanding of math could help in your new career.

While your resume is important, so is your cover letter. Take the time to craft a cover letter that explains that you come from the world of teaching and how your skills there translate to the job in which you are applying. Recent studies show that 87% of hiring managers take the time to read an applicantโ€™s cover letter, so this is definitely a part of your submission that you will want to take seriously.

Tips for Creating Your Resume

If you have been working as a teacher in the same school for a long time then it has likely been a while since you have touched up your resume. If your resume needs a lot of work or you have to start from scratch, then use a professional.

When you do work on your resume, you will want to think about the format you should use. While many resumes are designed chronologically, where your newest job is listed at the top, if you donโ€™t have that experience, you can instead create a functional resume that focuses more on your skills and achievements so employers can see what you bring to the table.

As you can see, it is very possible for teachers to transition out of education and into the corporate world. Consider your skills, update your resume, and submit to the jobs that interest you and you never know what can happen. If you need more advice, then contact MJW Careers at the form here.

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