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My bio: Matthew Warzel, CPRW is a resume writer, career coach and outplacement expert with over 15 years in Human Resources and career advancement techniques. He manages MJW Careers and provides assistance to companies in transition from downsizes to buyouts as well as individual job seekers needing to advance their careers. Matt has a long history working in Human Resources and on recruitment/staffing teams across a variety of industries. He fashions resumes that allow employers to review the applicant’s assets while highlighting his or her accomplishments, showcasing impacts on employer’s bottom lines using quantitative verbiage, and maintaining brevity.

As of September 2020, I have over 715 LinkedIn recommendations, over 9,000 LinkedIn followers, over 100 Google recommendations, over 100 Facebook recommendations, and have been writing resumes and career coaching for 16 years.

I do a wonderful job and my testimonials can vouch for our services accordingly:

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