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Small Business Saturday Deal!

Posted by warz65 on  November 28, 2020
Like many other “owner/operators” out there, I myself own and operate a #smallbusiness. I am a one-man-band. Sure, I get a lot of help with ideas from colleagues and clients alike, but it all comes down to me. The decisions. The missteps. The balancing act. The uncertainty. But you know what’s certain? Pardon my French, but me working my ass off to make shit happen. That’s a certainty. And even better is that I’m having

Black Friday Deal!

Posted by warz65 on  November 27, 2020
As a writer, I like to subscribe to wordplay, definition, or general writing newsletters. One particular is wordsmith dot org. Here was today’s word: Autotelic PRONUNCIATION: (ah-toh-TEH-lik) MEANING: adjective: Having a purpose, motivation, or meaning in itself; not driven by external factors. This word of the day really resonated with me. Remind me of where I was when I began my business over a decade ago, and where I am today. I used to be
As we wind down on a tumultuous year, it’s amazing to me that it’s already #Thanksgiving. Where did Halloween go? Heck, where did Paddy’s Day go? We all came out of the holiday season ready to make 2020 the best year ever. Why not, it’s a vicennial year after all. A new decade! Plus 2020 just sounded cool back in January. Then the world stopped and none of us ever saw that coming. No one
Being prepared for life is a scary feat. Remember back in school when we thought we had it bad because we couldn’t do anything? How you couldn’t wait to grow up and get out there with some freedom from your parents or independence from your teachers. And while most of us back in our youth day weren’t shooting 100 free throws after a full session of JV basketball practice or heading to an audition with
Let’s be honest, ageism exists and it sucks. People with a ton of experience and ever more wisdom face the harsh realities that some companies will want to hire younger. And cheaper. However, understand that it’s the interview that can dictate your outcome. In the interview room, you can take control. You can grab them by the arms (not physically of course) and shake their belief in you as a viable candidate. As someone that

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