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Posted on June 17, 2014
Category: Tricks of the Trade
Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What are the biggest mistakes employers see on your social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Others’ Responses: – Today, a company that I follow provided a handy tip with no other agenda. It was so refreshing – and it immediately endeared me to the company. Most other individuals / companies just seem to push their ‘stuff’ or their message. I think most genuinely don’t know how to provide value
Make Your Resume Better…Your Competition Is Resumes need to have a few requirements for them to be effective and land you that priceless interview opportunity. 1. Format needs to be CPRW standard. Check it out online, there are plenty of samples. 2. Spelled and grammatically correct throughout resume, while maintaining consistency in font, size, and spacing. 3. Pertinent information only – that is, items that only relate to what you are targeting. No one cares

Posted on June 4, 2014
Category: Tricks of the Trade
Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Can spelling errors on resumes matter and can make or break your chances? Others’ Responses: – There seems to be a perception that people from around 18 through to around 35 think that spelling, grammar, correct word usage and having a reasonably advance vocabulary are not very important. I wonder if that perception is reasonably accurate or if it’s something that people in the second half of their working lives made
Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What’s the best interview question you’ve ever asked or been asked? Others’ Responses: – OK, I read most of these and you’re right, lots of tricking and cajoling going on. Why try to trick and cajole a potential employee instead of asking genuine questions to find out who they are and if they fit the job and culture or not? I don’t like it one bit when someone asks me what

Posted on May 23, 2014
Category: Tricks of the Trade
Question Proposed on LinkedIn: How to answer the interview question, “So Tell Me About Yourself”? Others’ Responses: – Focus on the professional you. The interviewer does not want to know about where you took your last vacation or what your favorite pastime is. Provide an introduction to your relevant experience, education, skills and knowledge that will be discussed more in-depth over the course of the interview. – Generally, I employ Bill Cosby’s first thought”"I started

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