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Posted on April 6, 2012
Category: Tricks of the Trade
Phone Interview Advice: What to Do Before and During the Interview Preparation– Have these items ready and in front of you: your résumé, job description, questions to ask the employer, notes about the company, and your calendar/schedule.– Ask a career counselor, HR professional, or even a reliable friend to practice a telephone interview with you. Get feedback on your answers, voice inflections and any recurring flaws in your speech, (“like”, “um”, “er”, and “uh”).– Be
Interviewing Advice: Addressing a Layoff A layoff can be an unpleasant experience and probably not one you want to relive over and over during interviews. The way you handle this topic can make or break an opportunity to move forward with your career and leave the past behind. Do’s– DO be the first one to bring up your layoff. Many times a recruiter starts off with, “Tell me about yourself”. Tell them about your career
Negative Body Language During an Interview & Question Categories Avoid these actions, so the interviewer knows you are interested. These actions are also distracting and annoying. Doing this”Avoiding eye contact; Makes the interviewer think you are”Dishonest, indifferent, insecure, nervous, passive Doing this”Biting lip; Makes the interviewer think you are”Anxious, fearful, nervous Doing this”Scratching head; Makes the interviewer think you are”Bewildered, confused Doing this”Flaring nostrils; Makes the interviewer think you are”Angry, frustrated Doing this”Folding arms; Makes

Posted on April 3, 2012
Category: Tricks of the Trade
Resume Advice in 2 Parts: Activities Section of Resume & Changing Company Names Here’s some resume advice in 2 Parts. The first is what to do with the “Activities Section” of your resume. The other is what to do if your employer changes names due to a buyout, acquisition, merger, etc.. and how to handle that on your resume. To order the full presentation or have Matthew Warzel speak at your event, please contact him
During the Interview Session: Some Do’s and Don’ts Employers have four main concerns when hiring a new employee:1. Do you have the skills and experience to do the job? 2. What kind of person are you? 3. Will you fit in at the company and benefit us? 4. What will you cost us? When asked, “Why do you think you are a fit for this job?”, answer with: – I have the potential to benefit

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