As unemployment numbers rise, so do applications. One tip for writing an amazing resume has to do with what resume words or phrases you an add that will instantly make an application stand out. Now this can be a bit of a loaded question and the reason I say that is because different words or phrases can stand out to different hiring managers in different roles and in different industries! Think about this — if I were a hiring manager sorting through resumes trying to find a project manager, words like Kaizen, Lean Six Sigma and “managing projects, employees, subcontracts and budgets” may stand out more than say the nursing hiring manager who may like the phrase, “skilled nurse with a passion for compassion.” So essentially, there are really not too many catch-all phrases that can be utilized for all resumes. I mean there will be some…I for instance love words like pragmatic, laser-focused, gaining buy-in, turnaround management, change evangelist, customer advocate and full life cycle. Also, I think it’s important that the candidate demonstrates impacts to the bottom-line (or accomplishments) under their experience section…some examples of these, what I call business quantifiers, are:
? Streamlining operational efficiency
? Cutting costs
? Achieving cost-savings
? Enhancing resource allocation/utilization
? Saving time
? Securing revenue gains
? Maximizing profitability
? Optimizing productivity
? Reducing discrepancy volume
? Automating workflow
? Improving throughput
? Mitigating regulatory risks by ensuring compliance
? Diminishing liabilities by sustaining patient safety
? Improving performance by training staff
? Providing support to reduce staff burdens
? Acquiring and retaining client by driving satisfaction
? Reducing waste
? Implementing process improvements
? Revamping programs
? Transforming operations
? Leading change implementation
? Strengthening traceability or transparency
? Maintaining quality
? Expediting time-to-market
? Monitoring on-time deliverables
? Reducing logistical disruption
? Improving capabilities
? Advancing shared organizational goals
? Cross-functionally communicating to share insights
? Increasing capacity
? Translating technical information to simplify content understanding
? Removing bottlenecks
? Expanding outreach to build visibility, brand awareness and exposure
? Reducing variability
? Accelerating goal attainment
? Cultivating community relations
? Gaining stakeholder buy-in
? Integrating processes
? Managing projects from concept through on-time, within-budget execution
? Reducing shrink
? Minimizing cycle times
? Securing ROI
? Releasing processing capacity

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