Parents!! How To Stay Productive On Your Job Search At Home!

I wanted to offer a couple strategies for those parents out there who may have been recently made furloughed or redundant,  and are now at home with their little ones all day, trying to balance schedules from the time they wake up until it’s bed time.

You know you need to include some job hunting time, right? Progress is key. Here are some ideas to stay productive to ensure you’re trying to get back into the workforce properly.

While taking a class is a good idea, it goes with the old adage that everyone should be doing some sort of continuing education or training anyways if they want to stay ahead of the competition. So that’s the most obvious! Having said that, I also always preach to donate time for free for some experiential learning. This parallels with that whole freelancing/gig economist thinking where you essentially are filling the gap with relevant work still, albeit on a consultancy (possibly even contractual) basis. Start planting seeds to solicit sales from friends, family or social network connections. Build a portfolio. Read industry blogs or trades. Stay current and relevant. Than, filter these wonderfully new attained skills into your resume when you start your job hunt again. Plus, this is a wonderful way to avoid the whole “what have you been doing since…” question on your resume from the recruiter or hiring manager. Now you can speak to it with confidence!

Some other ideas can be:

  • Consultancy, contract, temporary or free internship employment
  • Virtual learning sessions via podcasts, workshops or webinars
  • Volunteerism – both in the community or for a friend with a business
  • Entrepreneurial ventures (again, possibly parlaying contract gig work into a full-time outfit)
  • Projects – both freelance or from former employers/colleagues requiring your expertise

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