Please give a crap about yourself so others can too…

💩 Please give a crap about yourself. If you don’t, how can you expect an employer to give a crap about you?

✅ Take ownership of yourself.

✅ Schedule your time intelligently.

❌ Don’t skip steps.

❌ Don’t cut corners.

❌ Don’t be late.

🤔 Manifest where you want to be.

📍Strategize how you will get there.

🔎 Identify your targeted company’s mission, products, and problems.

💪 Leverage your strengths so you can market your value and be of help.

👎 Understand your weaknesses so you can up-skill and offset the hiring manager and recruiter reservations.

✏️ Update your resume so every word matters.

😊 Improve your personal/professional brand.

📈 Grow your portfolio.

🤝 Build authentic relationships.

❤️ Be genuine.

❤️ Be obsessed.

❤️ Have substance.

🐣 Easier said than done, I get it, but take one step forward and get cracking because life moves fast, and you’re already running late.

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