Question on LinkedIn: Need advice on applying for 2 positions within the same company. I am applying for a modeling position for a sister company of the company that I am already modeling for. Also, that same company is offering an internship in their Video/Photo studio department. I know I qualify for both positions and my superior has written a reference letter (email in this case). I just don’t know how to go about applying for them… 

To make this an easy question and answer session I will write a list of options that I am contemplating on choosing from and you tell me which one I should do. 

Should I…: 

1. send in 1 email, 1 cover letter, and 1 resume for both positions? 
2. send in 1 email, 1 cover letter, and 2 resumes (1 tailored for the model position, 1 tailored for the internship)? 
3. send in 1 email, 2 cover letters (1 for model position, 1 for internship), and 2 resumes (1 tailored for the model position, 1 tailored for the internship)? 
4. send in 2 emails (1 email with different cover letters and resumes tailored for the individual position)? 
5. Perhaps something else? 

What do you think I should do?

Others’ Response:

– If you think about it from the employer’s perspective, the answer might seem clearer. Make it as easy as possible for them by treating each application as a completely separate entity. There’s less confusion that way, and greater benefit for you, since you can fully target your message to each individual position.

– Tobias, each resume and cover letter may be distributed to a different hiring group. Therefore, I would submit two resumes, two cover letters. If you were applying for a government job you could put the file name and number for each on one resume, one cover letter and upload it once, if this is how they would expect you to apply for the government.

– What does the job posting instruct you to do? Does it instruct you to apply via their website or email? You might not be able to submit two cover letters and two resumes if the company is using an ATS. Some ATS replace the previously uploaded resume with the new resume.

– I agree: two cover letters, two resumes, two emails…each targeted to the specific jobs sought. Watch out what you wish for…you may get offers for both; then the question will be how to refuse one politely without ruffling feathers and take the other? Will there be any intra-office repercussions?

– I would recommend submitting 2 separate cover letters and 2 separate resumes in two separate emails. Each position may have a a different hiring manager so you will want to keep them specific to the position. I would also recommend taking the job descriptions of each position and using specific terminology found in the job description in both your cover letters and resumes. Although a company may have a tracking system, this will show them you are qualified for each position and have devoted time and effort for each position equally. I hope this helps:) Good Luck!!!

My Take:

# 4, but it’s imperative to label the email subject and resume so it’s known they are different.

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