Question on LinkedIn: What Are Some Things Employees Want?

Others’ Responses:

– Employees want to feel challenged—Boredom and stagnation are enemies of a satisfied workforce. No job can be thrilling all the time, and it’s certainly not your job to entertain employees. Providing opportunities for employees to grow, explore, and stretch their skills is critical, though, if you want to retain the most qualified individuals.

– Employees want to feel informed— Perceptions of secretiveness or injustice are a strong predictor of dissatisfaction and eventual turnover. When people feel out-of-the-loop in terms of how decisions are made or what changes are coming their way, they lose trust in their leader and their organization. To the extent possible, be transparent and honest with your employees about what the organization is doing and why.

– Employees want to feel secure—Obviously, people would like to know their jobs are secure. Even when this isn’t guaranteed, steps can be taken to show that the company cares about well being. Employees want to know that they are safe from harassment, bullying, and other forms of mistreatment. They want to know leaders are consistent and fair and will not belittle or shame them. They want to know that the company is on their side.

– Employees want to feel autonomous—Giving employees freedom and flexibility in the performance of their duties can pay off beautifully in terms of satisfaction and productivity. Avoid micromanaging and look for creative ways to foster autonomy, even in entry-level positions. Having employees assist with or entirely handle setting performance goals is a common option.

– Employees want to feel significant— Employees want to be listened to, not just heard, so seek regular employee feedback and actually act on this when you can. A sense of purpose and understanding of how employees’ efforts fit the larger strategic plan is also related to positive outcomes. Share your vision for your team or the company as a whole and more importantly, help employees see how they are a valued part of that vision.

– Employee’s are only going to be engaged if they feel they are truly a part of the team and not just a body walking down a cattle shoot every morning as they enter the office building. This engagement has to be created and carried through from the very top point of the hierarchial pyramid. I am working with an employer now that has pretty much said the reason his employee benefits are set up the way they are (they have none) is because of the experiences he had to go through in his “employee” life. I personally know several of his employees. They are the ones who asked for me to work with the owner because they think he is just about the numbers and doesn’t care about the employees at all.

– I agree that organizations are too often oriented to other problems … or worse, to keep going!! However, in up to a few years ago, the staff was much more tolerant. Now, especially the younger and more qualified, do not think too much to look around and change. Many companies complain of losing talent or not being able to find them and to hold them but, as you say, it depends very much on the fact that they do not have the humility to make an examination of conscience to understand the real reasons for this phenomenon.

– It is done by understanding the mandatory needs of the employees. For instance, Maslow’s Need Theory can be drawn out to survey about the employee needs and their view of the organization & making necessary changes in the OD to meet or satisfy their needs and also aligning them to the company benefits and expectations.

My Response:

In order to answer this we must understand why an individual joins an organization: money, designation, power, authority, sense of achievement, etc. Once an individual joins he/she needs a good boss, a good team, recognition, value for work, more challenging opportunities, learning, etc. besides money. As an employee grows in the organization the priority changes. Now they need work life balance, employee welfare like mediclaim, recreation facilities, etc. besides above. Thus, what an employee wants in few words is job satisfaction along with work life balance.

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