Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Do free online classes keep you sharp while seeking new employment?

Others’ Responses:

– I’m currently unemployed and fighting the jobless “Blahs”. I needed something to help keep me sharp and to help break the monotony of the constant research and application process. With a bit of searching, I’ve found several sites that offer free online classes. They each offer a nice variety; whether you want to refine current skills, learn new job skills, or simply learn something new for fun. I just wanted to share these sites with anyone who shares my sense of curiosity and love of learning. If you know of any other sites, please feel free to share. Thanks and Happy Job Hunting to us all.
Another good resource: And, of course, YouTube and most software sites (such as Adobe, Autodesk, and Microsoft) have their own free tutorials as well.

– I would also like to add to this that through Groupon there are companies offering training on office Software ( MS Office – all) and other technical training for less than $50. Please check there too. It’s a little bit of money, but nothing like it would be if you took from a college.

– This is a great help Lisa, thanks for sharing. I would like to add three sites in my knowledge which offers skill development and many courses related to arts and technology in nominal fees and sometimes for free. You can find them by name –,, Except that I am finding a job after my graduation, a little assistance would be appreciative.

– I was able to get funding from my residential State during my unemployment. Maybe other States offer the same funding. My classes cost $3k each and i didn’t have to pay a single cent.

– I know that many states in the USA do offer programs for the unemployed, but rules and qualifications vary from state to state. Sounds like it worked out great for you. It is a good avenue to explore. Thank you.

My Response:

– It’s imperative to stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends in your industry. Staying on top of these things can be difficult with no motivating factors except self-educational benefit. However, enrolling into a systematic approach like free classes can drive you to complete the program while reaping all the benefits included. Also, when you have classes that make effort to educate the students on the newest information, you don’t have to worry about finding that information on your own.

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