Question Proposed on LinkedIn: How to Generate Leads Using LinkedIn?

Others’ Responses:

– On LinkedIn you are limited to 50 groups. Therefore you want to join groups that are relevant. Any group that you join that is not relevant – is just a waste of a group! For example if you are a social media marketer – do not join groups that are related to social media marketing – because everyone in those groups will be more or less just like you. If you are a social media marketer join the groups that are relevant to the clients that you are promoting. If you are promoting medical devices – join groups that are related to medical devices. Later on in this article I’ll share with you what you should be looking for in a group and how to post but before that I want to tell you what groups are good to join.

– If you are promoting medical devices then you’ll want to join medical device related groups. However I’d also recommend that what ever industry you are promoting – always make sure to join at least a few country groups. For example the Romanian group, the Chinese Group and so on. When most people join LinkedIn they like to join the groups that are related to their country. Therefore if you can’t generate leads from the specific groups related to the industries you are promoting – you will most likely generate leads from the country groups.

– The mistake that so many people make on LinkedIn is that they target end users. Big mistake. You should be targeting distributors (related to your industry) and sales rep. For example post something like: “Looking to connect with medical device distributors in…” You are more likely to generate a response with a posting like this then a random posting geared to end users. When you join the related groups to the industries you are promoting you will find many store managers, distributors, small business owners and others who will always be interested to learn about new products and services.

– If you are posting stuff on LinkedIn groups – in most cases people will visit your profile to see who exactly is this guy that’s posting. Make sure your profile is 100% complete. This means getting recommendations, adding a real picture of yourself (not your logo) and what ever else is needed to complete your profile. People like to connect with real people before anything else. A good profile helps to establish trust.

– A good posting is good pre-selling information. If readers cannot understand your product description in the first three sentences – then forget it. Always start off with something exciting like “Unique product, first to market…..!”

My Response:

– If you’re using LinkedIn, it’s best to use it as a personal tool when interacting with people you’re targeting. Don’t just have a fly by night mentality; rather, spend time building relationships and implement into your calendar to remind yourself to continue to probe them about relevant information…for them! Don’t be selfish and communicate with them to get information for yourself. Send them a nice link to an article you found that you thought they would be interested in, or some relevant breaking news. It’s important to “tickle” them and show them that you care.

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