Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Is a Second Interview That Went Really Short a Bad Thing?

Others’ Responses:

– I had my first interview with a company for which I’d really like to work. It went rather well. By the end of it, they were already talking about setting up the second interview. I have a contact who works in management in the company, and he also told me the word was that it went pretty well.Long story short, it took them quite a while to set up the second interview. I didn’t pester them about it, just patiently waited while staying in touch with my guy inside. I went in for the second interview (with a manager from another department, but that was the plan), and she starts out by telling me, “this is going to be a short interview”. She asked me three or four questions that I was already asked in the first interview and then sent me on my way. I was in and out of there in about five minutes. Meanwhile, my guy on the inside had prepped me for what should have been about an hour interview, and the material he on which he prepped me didn’t even come up.I contacted my guy on the inside, told him what happened, and he said he wasn’t sure why it was so short, but that he didn’t think it was a bad thing. I’ve tried to rationalize how this can’t be a bad thing, but everything I come up with seems -way- too optimistic. My most “realistic” theory I have is that the hiring manager didn’t really like any of the candidates enough to want to hire anyone (the position is still open), which might explain why they lagged for the second interview. In which case, I probably only had the second interview as a courtesy to my guy inside.I’m trying to be positive, but we all know what a brutal gauntlet the job search can be. Odds are, the harsher interpretation is the more accurate one.

– I think the short interview was just for formality since it is kinda like a referral.Do something like this. Take a pen and paper and write Congratulations!!! and put it on your mirror where you can see it all the time reminding you deserve that. Next, recite the name who interviewed you by adding, “Call me, call me, call me, offer the job to me”. It works for me after a week of not getting a call from the place that I applied and while I was crying and depressed, that’s how I tried calling out their names and lo and behold!! after 1 hour they called me and offer the job. Let me know how it goes for you though. Don’t give up yet, keep on moving.

– You won’t know until they call you back. It’s like trying to analyze what it means when your date waits two days to call. Who knows. I can see it going either way. I hope you get it!

My Response:

– Perhaps after the first interview they wanted you but have to do a 2nd per co. policy so the 2nd one was “going thru the motions” and it was short in length because outside of something egregious it didn’t matter and the 2nd interviewer did it just to get a feel for you. In the end, do not worry about things you have no control over and let the chips fall where they may. It is out of your hands, so no use worrying.

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