Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What Do You Do When You Get No Responses To Your Job Applications?

Others’ Responses:

– It means you need to change your job search methodology. It could be the buzz words and or lack of buzz words are not pressing the right buttons of the ATS software, including font type. But far more importantly, when you’re in a job search, you need to strategize to find your Mentoring Influential Thought Leader (MITL). Don’t get me wrong, when you find that person, you still have to go onto the company website and perform your 5 in 1; establish a profile, add your resume and cover letter; review currently openings on a real time basis and establish a search agent if the option exists, but your goal is to build relationships with MITL’s; Location, Sector, Industry, Company, Division, Department and Position will all fall into place downstream.

– If you’re sending out applications and receiving no response, that’s an indication that either your job search method or your application content are not working for you. Getting responses to job applications is a function of meeting current HR/recruitment and hiring managers’ expectations. Many job seekers don’t realize how much those expectations have changed over the past five years. I would highly recommend asking a career services professional for guidance to help the individual(s) develop a new job search and application strategy, update the resume and cover letters, and either set up or update a LinkedIn profile.

– Another thing you might want to consider is taking advantage of a complimentary resume analysis. Many resume writers offer them and they are free, with no obligation. Writers do vary with regards to how in-depth their review may be, but is will give you an opportunity to obtain various opinions about your marketing materials. There are times when your resume is NOT the problem, and a good resume writer will tell you that.

– I agree with the previous 3 responses that the resume / application materials are likely the culprit, and I like what Ross said about the MITL. To me, that means find a connection on the inside, or find someone you know who knows someone on the inside. LinkedIn “advanced” search and the “Find Alumni” feature are your 2 best friends. As I say in my blog post “Covering All the Bases in Your Job Search” “When you submit your resume for an open position, don’t sit back and be passive.”

My Response:

– Besides seeking out a career coach, networking and possibly having a resume makeover might be the next best steps. Seeking out recruiting firms may also be a smart move. Target your preferred companies and then the hiring managers/HR reps inside those companies. You must take the investigative approach and not just rely on job boards anymore. It’s who you know most of the time anyways, so try to network your way into the dream weaver’s presence.

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