Tense in Experience examples, Accomplishments and Summary Statements
● Past tense for Experience examples and Accomplishments
● Present tense for Summary Statements

Weak words to avoid in Experience examples, Accomplishments and Summary Statements:
Able to or ability to:
With rare exception such as “able to lift xyz pounds”, the phrase “able to” is not usually necessary. For example, “Able to write marketing requirements.” Should be: “Wrote detailed, concise marketing requirements for xyz product.”

Actively participated:
Would someone passively participate in something? Participate is also weak. Generally most sentences with these constructions can be transformed with an active verb.

Aimed to, In order to:
Unnecessary phrases. For example,  “Planned and executed marketing strategies in order to meet sales goals.” OR “Planned and executed marketing strategies aimed at meeting sales goals.“ Should be “Planned and executed marketing strategies to meet sales goals.”

As needed, as appropriate, as necessary:
This is a term straight out of a job description. In a resume example it is fair to assume that someone does something when it is needed (as opposed to when it is not needed). These are extra words that don’t provide value. For example, “Planned and executed marketing strategies as needed, as necessary, as needed.” Should be: “Planned and executed marketing strategies.”

Transform to active verb. For example, “Monitored inbox and ensured customer inquiries were addressed.” Should be: “Monitored inbox and addressed customer inquiries.”

Transform to active verb. For example, “Exhibited friendly manner to all customers.” Should be: “Delivered friendly services to customers.”

In order to:
Unnecessary. Remove.

Performed and prepared:
Transform to active verbs. For example, “Performed tableside food preparation.” Should be: “Prepared food tableside.” And “Performed writing tasks for marketing.” Should be: “Wrote marketing materials.”

In many instances provided is indirect and redundant. Remove unless it truly ads value. For example, “Provided transportation to patients to and from…” Should be: “Transported patients to and from….” And, “Provided support to families through…” Should be: “Supported families by xyz,” or better yet: “Delivered xyz to improve living conditions of families.”

Indirect and weak verb. For example, “Used negotiation skills to obtain best outcome for client.” Should be: “Negotiated exceptional results for clients.”

Experience and Skills:
Avoid using “experience” or “skills” in the Skill/Highlights section. These words are both redundant, as resumes have Experience and Skills/Highlights sections. For example, a Skill/Highlight example such as “Carpentry experience” or “Carpentry skills” can be written as “Carpentry expertise.”

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