Resume & The International/Country Specific Standards

Question: Since most resume writers have international resume writing experience, a majority of them do hail from the US and Canada, but we can design resumes and CVs for different countries as well. However, I am a bit confused on how we are going to follow the international standards. For example, in Japan, many employers request (or expect) to see photographs, but international standard is to not to request photographs. International standards can be different from country specific standards. For instance, if I’m from Taiwan and I am going to apply for a job in Japan, which usually asked for personal information to be included, are you going to write the client’s resume/CV based on Japanese standards or based on international standards?

My Answer: Well this is a tricky one. Here’s my rule of thumb: you stick by explaining our products adhere to the international standards (i.e., the US/Canadian ways we do business) and say that we don’t offer services that support individual country standards. Now if some clients have the bandwidth to find language editors out there in their respected countries, I would try to get them to tweak it a little dependent upon the client’s request for “their” standards.

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