Shift Your Company to Be a Great Fit for Applicants with Disabilities

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A diverse applicant base is crucial for building a strong internal team, but your company might not be catering to every job seeker. With these tips from MJW Careers, you can start shifting your organization to not only accommodate applicants with disabilities but welcome them, too.

Double-Check Your Business Housekeeping

Housekeeping is an almost-invisible yet crucial part of your operations; making sure all the boxes are checked helps you avoid tax and legal issues.

For example, ensure that your company is adhering to state and federal tax codes; this includes acquiring your Employer Identification Number for payroll purposes. Another housekeeping must-do is reviewing your company budget and expenses. If you sell products, this will also involve business inventory.

If your business is in a state of stagnation, it may also help to refocus your company goals. Think about your long-term objectives and make sure your brand is aligned with that intent.

Spruce Up Your Hiring and Team Documents

It’s one thing to feel motivated to hire people with disabilities. Establishing inclusivity as part of your company culture is another story. Outlining the company vision, mission statement, and day-to-day guidelines in an operational handbook is essential for getting everyone on the same page.

A great way to develop your documentation is by creating PDFs to share among team members. Then, you can edit as needed with a document editing program. Check out this PDF editor online to make changes to PDFs with a few clicks.

Make Your Business Discoverable By All

Confirming that your website works with assistive technology is an excellent (and welcoming) start for all prospective team members. The Web Accessibility Initiative offers tips for auditing your website to ensure it’s friendly to all visitors with a variety of disabilities (and other people with access limitations).

When it comes to the recruitment and application process, look for job fairs and internship programs where universities and other programs connect job seekers with your company. Then, ensure that your application system โ€” whether online or off โ€” is easy to navigate for everyone.

Attract New Hires with Clear Perks

Once your behind-the-scenes checklist is complete, it’s time to market your company to new hires. Think about what you can offer to diverse applicants and how to encourage individuals with disabilities to apply.

As an employer, you are obligated to provide reasonable accommodations for workers, but going above and beyond could earn you more applicants. Some exemptions do apply, particularly for smaller businesses and older construction office buildings and facilities. Embracing the ADA standards makes your work environment more welcoming and shows candidates how much you care about accessibility.

Explore assistive technology to make available in the workspace, such as hardware upgrades for equipment and software to make devices user-friendly. Screenreaders and dictation software are two possible software solutions for people of varying abilities.

Provide Work-at-Home Opportunities

Experts suggest that working from home will continue to be a desirable corporate perk that also boosts the overall satisfaction of the workforce. The flexibility to work from home is widely perceived as a perk by workers, and it might be an even more appealing offer to applicants with disabilities.

If employees or contractors have the tools they need to complete work at home, they may be more productive and happier than they would be in an office. However, Flexjobs suggests monitoring team participation and engagement; working from home can be isolating, so it may take some effort to keep your team united.

Implement an Internship Program

Internships can be beneficial for both employer and intern, especially if the intern later becomes an employee. Organizing an internship program could help you attract more workers with disabilities, too.

By reaching out to organizations, including those at colleges and high schools, that serve individuals with disabilities, you’ll expand your candidate pool.

Hiring the most diverse team members possible is one way to ensure your company’s success. By creating an inclusive work environment and providing support, you’ll attract people of all backgrounds and abilities โ€” and retain them longer.

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