Should Language Skills Be on Your Resume?

The quick answer? Yes. Personally I think it needs to be mentioned, and mentioned quickly and without sacrifice to space. You do not need an entire section devoted to these proficiencies. I always include it at the end of the introductory paragraph, or summary as we call it in the resume world.

It’s important to consider adding your skills of language onto the document for numerous reasons including demonstrating your multicultural communication and adaptive or quick learning skills, utilizing additional keywords that recruiters may use as a search term during their “buzzword” searches, or maybe the hiring manager is from a country of origin that utilizes a language you know as their native language…now you’ve struck a chord and can possibly elaborate more on it during the interview…this is building rapport and even trust with the decision-maker. Bottom-line, add it onto the resume somewhere. I also have seen it listed at the bottom under skills or education, which is fine, so long as the intended reader doesn’t miss it.

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