Uh oh! Interview time! And not just any old interview. This one’s for your dream job…and…it’s going to be done over the internet? Wait, what the hell do I do? How can I convey my true value when I can’t even shake someone’s hands? You want the hard truth? Who cares! It’s an interview like all the rest of the “in-person” or “face-to-face” ones you did way back when in 2019.

Times have changed with the onset of COVID-19 and you know what? It may actually stay like this going forward. The online interviews provide an ease of schedule for hiring managers and a more streamlined selection process. The downside? It’s just less personable, right? I mean you can’t get that vibe you usually can nail down when walking through a company’s workplace.

Remember, no matter video or in-person, confidence is key and I think personally the #1 way to exude that confidence is having knowledge. Going into the interview so prepared, high hanging slider-type questions seem like four seam fastballs. Research the role, investigate the industry, major players, products/offerings/services, and news. Learn the terminology and respective process impact in this new role. Understand the function your new role would play in the entire operations. Why is there an opening? What pain points do the hiring managers have because of the opening?

Finally, understand not only the achievements and accomplishments you can bring into the new role (and ensure to tie these into nice little quick narratives whether it’s shown through a project, success story, etc.), but most importantly, what value do you offer? If you are equipped with this knowledge, the interview should be a piece of cake. Remember, they want you to be the right fit. They’re busy people and have regular projects to tend to. This hiring process forces them to stop what they’re doing and focus solely on staffing. Trust me, they’d rather be doing day-to-day stuff. So know that you’re in the room for a reason. They think you could be the right fit. Now convince them of this using your knowledge and confidence.

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