Soft Skills For Your Resume’s Summary By Industry

When it comes to resume writing, there are very few options as to where to add some personality. Remember, your coverletter is the only place to get a little casual. Use some personal pronouns, maybe some storytelling in first person. However, your resume is far from that. This needs to be your demonstrative work supporting your case as a professional. Someone who takes this stuff (called work) serious. Livelihoods are at stake! And stakeholders report to shareholders, who demand this be taken serious! But let’s not get scared. Let’s grab this thing and take it across the goal line. So just how do you convey to these decision-makers that you are taking the job hunt and your candidacy serious enough? By wow’ing them with relevancy. It starts with the resume and ends with the interview. No matter the part of the process you’re in, keep focused on relevancy. Focused on offering value. Focused on remedies to their pain points. Again, It. All. Starts. With. The. Resume. SO TAKE IT SERIOUS AND MAKE SURE EACH AND EVERY LINE AND WORD AND NUMBER, ETC. ARE WORTHY ENOUGH TO BE ON THERE! Sorry I screamed, but this shouldn’t be a willy-nilly document. This thing lives. This thing breathes! And this thing lives and breaths for you!

Now having said all that rant, time to figure out just one of the numerous variables that go into developing a tangible and relevant resume. One of those are the summary section. Yes, use it. Tell your story, albeit briefly, about why they should continue reading further down. Make it good! And this little soft skill trick I use helps me add some personality. It’s a story, so why not try to sprinkle this in? Without using pronouns is the tricky part, but that’s why you have resume writers like me helping out!

So instead of breaking down general soft skills with a cast wide net, I wanted to break them down by industry. Also note, a lot of these intertwine and obviously your role may not require some, and other it will. Just is just an observance and general list. Hope it helps!

What others can you think of, whether soft skills or industry?

Agriculture/Agribusiness (Fishing/Timber/Tobacco) – patient, persistent, innovative, collaborative, teamwork, leadership, tireless work ethic, flexible, adaptable, interpersonal, communications

Manufacturing (Automotive, Electronics, Semiconductor, Computer, Aerospace, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial Robot, Defense, Arms, Telecommunications, Low to Medium Tech, Pulp & Paper, Steel, Shipbuilding, Food, Textile, Mining, Water, Construction, Energy, Electrical Power, Petroleum) – detail-oriented, task-driven, improvement-centric, bottom-line-focused, innovative, solutions-oriented, cross-functional, collaborative, leadership, communications

Service (Mass Media, Broadcasting, News Media, Publishing, Internet, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Information, Software, Entertainment, Music, Film, Video Game, Education, Sport, Transportation, Real Estate, Religious) – methodical, meticulous, bottom-line-focused, pragmatic, science-focused, compassionate, empathetic, collaborative, customer advocacy, empathetic, personable, relatable, honest, approachable, communications

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