Some Tips for Working Remotely At Home

I started my remote resume writing company out of a need to generate income after being laid off due to the 2008 economic meltdown. Scheduling on a calendar is the only way to stay organized for me. If I do not write it down on the calendar, it will most likely be lost in my shuffling thoughts forever. I utilize iCal personally and find that color coding helps break down the large projects into bite sized tasks. Spending 15 minutes a day to complete a portion of a project works well for me so that by the end of the week or month, that project is done. It allows me to keep some sanity in that I won’t get as overwhelmed since it’s no longer a large project.

Staying focused and motivated should be easy. This is your livelihood. Your income is directly based off the work you put in. If you want revenue, you better get up and get to work on marketing or sales. If you want to sleep in and take a day off, that’s fine, but those inbound leads are not going to generate themselves. I think that once you dive into the day’s work, it’s tough to pull you away, as this is your baby. But diving in can be a challenge sometimes, and that’s where you need to get some coffee take a lap around the house, turn on some music, and force yourself into starting. Trust me, 8 hours will go by so quick that a new habit will be 10 hours a day of work, and you’re perfectly fine by it because you are working for yourself now. That’s motivation enough.

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