Starting Fresh: Finding a Job in a New City

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Have you recently moved to a new city, or are you in the process of packing up and moving out of your home? Living in a different area and meeting new people can be a very exciting time, not to mention it provides a new perspective on life!

So as you start to settle into your new home and look towards the future, what does your career situation look like? Moving somewhere new because of your job is one thing, but coming into a different city without one already lined up is an entirely different matter. Finding a job soon after relocating, or even before you move is what we would all wish to accomplish, and it can absolutely be done! Here are a few ways to find a career sooner rather than later, so you can start your new life on the right track.

If You Haven’t Moved Yet

Give yourself time to job search. Finding a job isn’t always a quick and easy process. Since you have some time before the big move, start getting organized with your career search. Take a look at your resume and see if it needs to be updated. There may be a few additional skills you can include from your current job if you haven’t made changes to it in a while. You should also start researching what types of companies are located near the area you’re moving to, to get an idea of what’s around and to see if there are any you’d be interested in working for. If you’re using job searching sites like Indeed or Monster, target your searches based on your new city or set the radius targeting to improve your search results.

Be Available to Interview. If you’ve applied for a position and the company wants to interview you, don’t panic. Even if you’re moving somewhere hours or states away, a hiring manager will have already realized that when he/she reviewed your resume and saw your current address (and you made a note in your resume or cover letter that you’re in the process of moving, right?). Now that we live in such an advanced digital world, interviews can be conducted through video chat programs that make you feel like you’re right there in person, even when you can’t be. Decide with the potential employer what video program you can both easily access for a seamless and comfortable interview. For those not moving too far away, and can get to their new town in a couple hours or less, traveling for an interview might be the best option.

If You’ve Already Moved

Change Your Address Immediately. As you start applying for jobs, make sure your new address is on your resume. Some employers don’t consider out-of-town candidates (unless it’s otherwise noted that you’re definitely moving to the area), so including a local address is helpful for everyone involved. Make sure your new address is also consistent across all social media platforms that you’re on (LinkedIn especially) to avoid any confusion.

Look into Networking. Do you have friends or family living in or near the area you’ve just moved to? Reaching out to them can be very beneficial because they’re more familiar with the area and might be able to provide some insight as to which companies you should pay attention to. They might also have connections in the area and can make introductions for you. Participating in networking activities or community interest groups are other options to consider. You may end up connecting with people who work in your field of interest that can open doors to new opportunities!

Consider a temporary or seasonal job at first. If you want to work immediately after moving, think about taking on a temporary job while you make time to line up a permanent position that you really want. Depending on the time of the year and your location, there may be plenty of short-term jobs you can do until you get hired full-time.

Don’t let the idea of finding a job in a new city hold you back. Many people have done it with the right guidance! If you need assistance searching for a job, our career coaches are ready to help. Simply contact us to get started and make sure to check out our newest ebook, How to Get UnUnEmployed: Fill That Calendar! 22 Daily Step-By-Step Ways and Daily Motivators to Kickstart Your Career and Find a Job in Under 6 Weeks (An Interactive Guide), to find that job faster!


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