SUCCESS! Need Help With Your Education Admissions Letter?

Finding success in your career can be a tough challenge sometimes. What makes it harder is that most likely you’re having to figure this out for yourself! You’re doing all you can, making yourself as visible as possible and even allocating some of your budget towards improving your skills. I’ve always been a big believer in the value of education and earning a degree, it’s tough work but the payoff feels so worth it.

Having said that, have you thought about enrolling into some continuing education? Have you thought about making the most out of your COVID 19 “Great Pause” experience? Now more than ever, it’s as best of a time to enroll into some programs that beef up your candidacy. One of those is the higher education certification programs.

I recently had a client seeking help with her enrollment statement for admission into a her targeted university. She needed me to write out her reasons as to why she’d be a great fit in the program. Well flash forward a few months and we just received word that it was a success! She landed her dream program and now is requesting I help with her MBA admissions letter, which we do too!

So if you’re doing some existential thinking and deep planning, coming to realization that some continuing education may be a logical next step, why not make sure all your admissions credentials are aligned with the top competitor candidates? Have someone write yours for you, or at least review your initial content for impact and grammar. It’s important you take any form of application as serious as you do your resume, everything will be reviewed, so play the game, and play it right. Your livelihood is at stake.

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