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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Is it acceptable for the Interviewer to be late, with no apology? Apparently a candidate was late and then proceeded to leave the interview without apologizing, so the hiring manager left the recruiter sitting there saying, “I don’t even want to see the remainder of your candidates.” Others’ Responses: – Wow, I have to say I have never heard of a candidate walking out due to a late interviewer. We always

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MJW Careers Outplacement Downsized Employee Testimonial – Myra www.mjwcareers.com (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)


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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: How to Spot a Half Truth Answer in an Interview? Others’ Responses: – While spotting a lie is extremely difficult, learning to spot a half truth is a lot easier.  For me a half- truth is when the candidate is giving me a “grain of truth” in their answer, but isn’t quite giving me the full story.  Our jobs as the interviewer are to notice when this happening, zero in on

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INFOGRAPHIC: Using Paper To Find Work For The Digital Generation