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070913 JobStickers Podcast #9: Interview with Mark Heuer from Mark4Hire.com. The 9th MJW Careers’ JobSticker’s podcast series will be focused on those job-seekers needing to look outside the box for ideas to better market themselves to potential employers. Mark4hire.com was¬†created during unprecedented times after the 2008 economic down turn when Mark Heuer leveraged what others thought as creativity and Mark termed as desperation as he was seeking his next career opportunity. Mark Heuer put up

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Unusual Job Hunting Techniques – Can you add more? Comment on this blog with any unusual techniques you’ve heard, seen or read about… —people who stand on corners with signs, dressed up in suits…signs say “recently laid-off executive…will work for 401k” or whatever, unusual job hunting tactics – just worked for a guy in the UK financial district—people wearing “PLEASE HIRE ME” shirts to job interviews—guy who bought a billboard saying he was looking for

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