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Tips for Avoiding Recruiters’ Blacklists There are reasons why recruiters or hiring managers do not call back some job seekers: blacklists! In today’s tough job market, desperate job seekers are pursuing what little jobs are available. Hiring managers have plenty of applicants to choose from, so they are justifiably selective and quick to record any negatives they discover. If you are blacklisted, recruiters do not submit you to jobs today, even years from now. Even

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Recruiter Blacklists – Try to Avoid Being on One! You’re a job-seeker and can use help from recruiters. However, you don’t want to get on their bad side. Here’s some turnoffs for recruiters that might land the job-seeker onto the recruiters’ blacklist. To order the full presentation or have Matthew Warzel speak at your event, please contact him directly @ (216)246-9900 or warzel@mjwcareers.com (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)