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Question Proposed on LinkedIn:  How to land a job from out of state? Others’ Responses: – It wouldn’t hurt to convey your interest on both the cover letter and your resume. To show your commitment & how serious you are about relocating on your own, you may even think about planning a trip and let potential employers know you will be in town with your dates of availability for face to face interviews and available

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INFOGRAPHIC: Using Paper To Find Work For The Digital Generation


I have a client who is extremely qualified to be an IT Evangelist for any upstarts or VC’s out there. However, he does lack the BS. What do you think about the Online Certifications? Here is a link to what the candidate sent me: http://www.ecornell.com/certificates/marketing/marketing-strategy As you can see, some accredited universities are doing these for folks who did not complete his or her education, including Harvard and Cornell. Thoughts? – Response from an HR

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Ask old colleagues and managers if they know of any openings. Or they may at least have contact information for their office HR Professionals or Hiring Manager. Especially his or her emails! If not, ask them for their boss’ email – always level up!!! Eventually you’ll get to some big wig that might help and not think you’re just soliciting.