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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: The two-month contract that did not work out. Include or do not include on resume and job application? Hello all. I am working with a professional client who was hired for a contracting gig that did not work out. She worked on it for the months of July and August and then was told that it was wrapped up. It was not a good experience for her and she would like

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Help In Times Of Crisis

Help In Times Of Crisis This is a wonderful publication created by Alliance Credit Counseling. It can be also found on their website at www.knowdebt.org.


Job Loss Counseling: You’ve Been Laid Off?! Now What?! OverviewA common question most people who find themselves at high risk for a job loss is, “What am I going to do next?” This is a good question and the first step towards persevering through a challenging period in one’s life. However, overcoming a job loss depends on you handle this tough question. For instance, do not send out an outdated resume, but get your marketing

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