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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Do you use cover letters or not? Others’ Responses: – Too often I find people wanting to repeat what is in their resume. One of the things I am hearing from various company recruiters in our area is that they are not reading cover letters. – It’s been my experience, (and I am opening myself up to some possible criticism here but nonetheless here goes) the cover letters are generally written

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn:  How to land a job from out of state? Others’ Responses: – It wouldn’t hurt to convey your interest on both the cover letter and your resume. To show your commitment & how serious you are about relocating on your own, you may even think about planning a trip and let potential employers know you will be in town with your dates of availability for face to face interviews and available

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Are Cover Letters Too Inauthentic? Note: Pain letters are also referred to as cover letters by some of these experts. Others’ Responses: – So far as writing to the hiring manager is concerned, that is generally what I recommend. Every letter should display the writer’s personality, and should never, ever be a ‘standard covering letter’. – Better than a cover letter and resume, however, is a value proposition letter–also sent through

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Lengths of resumes, CVs, summaries, etc are always a discussion. It all depends on your experience, demands of the employers you’re targeting and industry. Here’s an easy way to remember it. CVs – 5+ pages Executive Profiles – 3-4 pages Experienced Professional (IT related) – 3 pages (the 3rd page can be a list of all your technical skills so it’s nice and loaded with acronyms) Experienced Mid-Level Professional – 2 pages Students / Recent

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