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Why Use an Outplacement Vendor for Your Transition? 1. More likely to maintain or increase productivity, and more likely to increase profitability. 2. Additionally, the services help companies avoid potential litigation problems, reduce costs, maintain relationships between the employee and company, reduce stress on the terminating manager, and create a positive impression on remaining employees. 3. Outplacement could improve the organization’s reputation. Employees who remain at the company view a company more positively during a

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Interviewing Advice: Addressing a Layoff A layoff can be an unpleasant experience and probably not one you want to relive over and over during interviews. The way you handle this topic can make or break an opportunity to move forward with your career and leave the past behind. Do’s– DO be the first one to bring up your layoff. Many times a recruiter starts off with, “Tell me about yourself”. Tell them about your career

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