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Ask old colleagues and managers if they know of any openings. Or they may at least have contact information for their office HR Professionals or Hiring Manager. Especially his or her emails! If not, ask them for their boss’ email – always level up!!! Eventually you’ll get to some big wig that might help and not think you’re just soliciting.


Sell Yourself When You Email a Hiring Manager Shine at the end of your initial email correspondence with a hiring manager! Shine! End the email with something that will put a smile on the hiring manager’s face. I’ve personally seen it done only a handful of times in my past. In comedy, it’s a call back. But think about it before standup where we’ve all come to know it. Think about how they do it

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Email Etiquette for Job Seekers – Keep your emails as short and to the point as possible.– Use HTML to take advantage of tracking, but keep it simple.– Intrigue your reader with the email message and get them to find out more by clicking your resume website.– Spend most of the time on the top three inches of the email, because it is what people see if they are using “preview” in Outlook.– Ask them

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