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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: I’m working with a client that I’m trying to fill a 3-year gap of employment on her resume. She took off that time to raise four kids and did some PTA work during that time. Any tips? Others’ Responses: – She could put anything on the gap if it was caring for the family or babysitting or whatever. She just needs to relate her skills and objectives she experienced during these

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What Are the Best and Worst Words for Resume Success? Others’ Responses: – Worst words: According to the Wall Street Journal quoting a 2013 survey conducted by Harris Poll, the top words and phrases you should never use on your résumé include go-getter, think outside of the box, go-to person, thought leadership and results-driven. Hiring managers consider these words and phrases to be subjective and cliché. – Best words: Instead, you

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: Does the Resume Get Me the Job? Others’ Responses: – A comment I hear frequently from clients is: “I need a resume that will get me a job”. I typically explain that I can’t be of assistance with that. I’m not turning away clients, I’m simply stating a fact. – In my corporate career, I reviewed hundreds and hundred of resumes. I never made a hiring decision based on that piece

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