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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What Are Some Things You Shouldn’t Say During An Interview? Others’ Responses: – “I’m really sorry I’m so late.” ” There is no worse way to start a job interview than with an apology. Being punctual is critical, and no excuse—bad traffic, wrong directions, car trouble—will make up for being tardy. The obvious solution is to

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Question Proposed on LinkedIn: What are the biggest mistakes employers see on your social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Others’ Responses: – Today, a company that I follow provided a handy tip with no other agenda. It was so refreshing – and it immediately endeared me to the company. Most other individuals / companies just seem to push

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Ask old colleagues and managers if they know of any openings. Or they may at least have contact information for their office HR Professionals or Hiring Manager. Especially his or her emails! If not, ask them for their boss’ email – always level up!!! Eventually you’ll get to some big wig that might help and not think you’re just soliciting.


A pay it forward story. Have you done one lately? Today, as I did my daily routine search for freelance resume writing gigs, I came across someone on Craigslist seeking a sales template. I decided to do a good deed and send this person my sales template for free. I thought, I already had it, so share it. I sent

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Social Media: Good or Bad for Kids with iPhones? When it comes to careers, it might not be so bad. My family is great. We’re Clevelanders. We’re loud and annoying. But darn are we passionate! Last week I got a chance to see my sister on North Carolina soil for the first time since 2006. That was when her and

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